• 2007Created ROM Panels, one of the first online panels for India
  • 2008Developed Supplier network dedicated to research studies
  • 2009 Enhanced the Panel Priority selection based on panelist/panel quality score
  • 2010Supported Canadian Full Service agency, migrating offline projects to platform ConfirmIT
  • 2012Created 3ASR, DIY platform for client and partners bridging the data collection TAT
  • 2014Created the APIs for Demand side sampling integration
  • 2016Created Ecosystem to push to the next level of quality and speed of delivery
  • 2018Launched the Consultancy Platform, a sampling consultation platform for the clients to gage the correct methodology as per their requirements
  • 2019 Launched the Partner Affiliate Network, specially devised for clients to cater their requirement to make the things easy during COVID ramifications.
  • 2020Provided 3 Step Solutions for the client and research agencies
  • 2022 Launched ROM Platform for startups on subscription based
  • 2023 Data Analytics Plateform coming soon

With a relentless focus on innovation, we will continue to develop cutting-edge sampling, project management, and data quality solutions.Our team also led the way in self-service sampling. 3ASR Platform endows researchers to take the reins, delivering data without sacrificing quality.

Featuring anatural, easy-to-use interface, the platform allows for complete project control from one centralized dashboard.